• The Cellar Thief

    The Cellar Thief

    Acrylic on Wood | 20" x 24" | 2018
    Sold | Private Collection | Yamhill, OR

  • The Pastry Chef Sisters

    The Pastry Chef Sisters

    Acrylic on Wood | 20" x 24" | 2017
    Sold | Private Collection | Damascus, OR

  • Babirusa with Daisy

    Acrylic on Strathmore Bristol | 5.25" x 7.25" (framed) | 2017

    Babirusa with Daisy

    He waited with anticipation for his unrequited love, his beloved. Would she come to see his performance like she promised him last Tuesday? Or would she be a no-show like before? Did he give clear enough directions to the venue? Did he unplug the iron and turn off the stove? His mind leapt and raced.

    With sweat-dampened hooves and a fluttering heart, he stood poised - wondering, fretting, and ruminating. To pass the time he fixated on the fact that pink daisies are her favorite flower, and how enchanting she looked that afternoon when she wore one behind her ear. But in reality, he prepared his heart cautiously this time – determined he would not be crushed again if she does not come.

    He knew the tenors would be called back to the Green Room very soon. But he lingered until the last possible moment, waiting patiently under the theater’s flattering lights to greet his love and give his gift.


  • Santa Elsa y Cabrito

    Santa Elsa y Cabrito

    Acrylic on Wood | 16" x 20" | 2017
    Sold | Private Collection | St Helens, OR

  • Finn


    Acrylic on Panel | 9.5" x 7.5" | 2016
    Sold | Private Collection | St Louis, MO

  • Tumnus

    Tumnus - para mi amor

    Acrylic on Panel | 13" x 16" oval (framed) | 2016

  • Odette


    Acrylic on panel | 5.5" x 8" (framed) | 2018

  • Nik


    Acrylic on wood | 8" x 8" | 2018
    Sold | Private Collection | St. Louis, MO

from the artist

My ideas for my paintings and drawings always begin in my sketchbook. I gain a sense of relief and closure with each finished piece. I think we all need to find a healthy vehicle to communicate our emotions to others. They just get bottled up without it and we can never move forward. This is why I create.
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Kathleen Powers lives and works in Yamhill, Oregon. She explores her style of illustrative art through paintings and drawings for personal projects and commissions. Most pieces featured on this website are available for purchase or show. Kathleen welcomes any questions or comments.