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My ideas for my paintings and drawings always begin in my sketchbook. I gain a sense of relief and closure with each finished piece. I think we all need to find a healthy vehicle to communicate our emotions to others. They just get bottled up without it and we can never move forward. This is why I create.

After graduation in 1997, I found myself moving away from photography and developing my ideas into finished drawings. It was about this time that I realized my true creative passion was not in photography at all, but in the manipulation of paint through color, composition and brushwork. I felt a sense of freedom and fluidity that my photographic constructions never achieved. So the change was simple. I switched to the mediums of painting and drawing and never looked back.

Beached Bird

The completion of my graphite drawing "The Beached Bird" turned out to be a pivotal point in my work. The best I can describe the process is my pencil hit the blank paper and without a preconceived image in mind, this tragic bird appeared before me. As I continued working in my sketchbook and developing my ideas into finished paintings, I soon realized a series had begun.



The Kansas City Art Institute, BFA Photography, 1990

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, MFA Photography, 1997

Portland Community College, AAS Medical Laboratory Technology, 2006

art inquiries

Most pieces featured on this website are available for purchase or show. Kathleen welcomes your direct inquiries and comments.

Frontier | 53” X 12.5” ( 60.5” X 20.5” framed )

Each of my fable-like paintings and drawings exhibits an underlining core of disquiet, and often, uncomfortable beauty. They represent my responses to life's challenges, such as: strength and perseverance, the fear of loss, and personal redemption. These continual cycles of learning, growth and setback provide the raw emotions, impetus, and birthplace for my fictional animals and their environments.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

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